Mountainbike Buyers Guide

If you want to buy a new mountain bike, you have to make many decisions to find the bike that really suits to you. In our MTB buyers guide we tell you everything you need to know before you buy a MTB.

E-bike batteries are at least as important as the electric motors themselves. We explain to you which differences in e-bike batteries you need to know, how they affect the range of E-MTBs and what speaks for easily removable, integrated batteries.

Which mid-mounted motor from Bosch, Shimano or Yamaha? The motor is the heart of e-bikes and the top purchase criterion for e-mountain bikes. We compare the most important e-bike motors, go into details about the electric motors and help you find the right drive for your e-bike.

The best e-bike at the lowest price! We explain why good e-mountain bikes are not the cheapest and give recommendations on how much you have to spend on e-bikes at least.

E-bike hardtail, E-MTB-Fully with a lot or little suspension travel or an SUV e-bike? The many types and styles can cause confusion when buying an e-bike. We explain where the differences between the categories lie and advise which e-mountain bike really suits you.

Less power, smaller batteries: Light E-MTB motors have created a new class of lightweight e-bikes. We compare the minimalist E-MTB drives, show the best Light E-MTB models 2023 and explain for whom the slim E-Mountainbikes are the right thing at all.

Mountain bike tests need to become more objective, comprehensive and detailed. That's why we founded The only platform that looks at ALL bikes available on the market with an innovative testing system.

We are a young start-up company with a clearly formulated mission: We want to help all the people in the world to find the best bike for them. Only one question remains: Who are we and why do we know bikes?