How well does the new light EMTB?
Mondraker Neat Review

Mondraker Neat – How well does the new light EMTB ride?

17.99 kilos! The Mondraker Neat drops the hammer in the light e-bike segment. The Spaniards achieve this weight with 160 mm travel at the front and fully Enduro-compatible equipment. Does the competition have reason to be concerned?
Mondraker has its roots deep in mountain bike racing. In addition to aesthetics, the Spaniards are therefore particularly known for lightweight their construction. That they have a lot of know-how in this area is also shown by their current hardtail frame without motor. With a weight of less than 800 grams, the Podium frame underpins the fact that Mondraker are currently the ones who set the tone in the topic of lightweight construction. And with their know-how, they are entering the light-EMTB segment for the first time. The new Neat is Mondraker’s first light EMTB. With the Crafty, Mondraker has decisively shaped the full-power EMTB segment. And it is precisely this success that the Spaniards want to build on with the new Neat model, although the development in the light-EMTB segment is rapid. We put the bike on the scales: Is 17.99 kilos including pedals enough to be at the forefront of the trendy light e-bikes?
The new Mondraker Neat RR SL is the first light E-MTB from the Spanish brand. In the high end version it weighs 17.99 kilos incl. pedals.

How light is the Mondraker Neat really at 17.99 kilos?

With the Lumen, Scott has recently shown a bike that weighs even less than 16 kilos. However, you have to classify the weight. The Scott Lumen has only 130 millimetres of travel and a much more touring-oriented configuration. One of the best-known representatives of the light EMTB segment is certainly the Orbea Rise. The Rise has 10 millimetres less travel than the Neat, both front and rear. But it also manages to crack the 18-kilo mark. If you’re looking for bikes with 160 millimetres at the front and 150 millimetres of travel in the rear that stay under 18 kilos, you’ll really only find the new Specialized Levo SL and the Focus Jam2 SL. The new Mondraker Neat therefore joins a very elite club. The basis for the low total weight is the carbon frame. Mondraker specifies 2300 grams without battery and motor. This means that the frame weighs exactly the same as the top mountain bike frames without motor. Of course, the weight is not the only parameter of such a bike.
TQ HPR 50 motor in the Mondraker Neat
Looking from the chainring, the TQ HPR 50 is not visible.
TQ HPR 50 Integration
It is only when you look at the non-drive side that you realise there is no Bosch motor (as is usually the case with Mondraker). The TQ HPR 50 is currently the quietest and most natural feeling EMTB motor on the market.

The Mondraker Neat comes without Bosch motor

A look at the bottom bracket area of the Mondraker Neats raises a question: As inconspicuous as the TQ HPR 50 motor hides behind the chainring, it can confidently be called tiny. And with that, many passers-by will ask the when looking at the Mondraker Neat: Is this even an e-bike? The answer is easy: yes, but a particularly chic one. The silhouette of the bike is also much slimmer than with most e-bikes. Those who know the Mondraker brand and have been following the trend towards light EMTBs for a while, will ask themselves a different question: Why doesn’t Mondraker install a Bosch motor in the new Neat, as it does in all the other e-bikes in its line-up? The Swabians from Bosch have just introduced their new light motor, the Bosch SX. The TQ HPR 50 motor is currently the quietest EMTB motor on the market. Mondraker’s development goal with the Neat was to make the bike feel as close as possible to a bike without a motor. The low noise level and small size of the TQ HPR 50 motor really fits this development approach best. The Bosch motor is larger and slightly louder. On the other hand, with 600 watts at its peak, it also delivers significantly more power. By the way: You can find all bikes with TQ motors here.
No annoying rattling: Off-road, the TQ engine behaves more inconspicuously than any other engine.

How the TQ HPR 50 engine rides in the Mondraker Neat

The TQ HPR 50 delivers 300 watts at peak power. This means, that the support is significantly lower than with Bosch’s new SX motor. Even with the 50 Newton metres of torque, it is clear that this motor is not a beast! But it is not supposed to be. In the light-EMTB segment, there are motors that deliver more power. The Fazua Ride60, for example, has a boost function that provides much better support on steep climbs. But there is no motor that is as quiet and no bike that reproduces thenatural riding feeling of a mountain bike as well as the TQ. The harmonious engine control lets the engine tackle smoothly. With hardly any other motor do you forget as quickly that you are riding electrically as with the TQ.
Mondraker Neat battery in the down tube
A 360 watt-hour battery from TQ is hidden in the down tube. The battery can be removed via a hatch in the bottom bracket.
Range test on the Mondraker Neat
For how many trails do 360 watt hours last? When we used it in turbo mode, the battery lasted for about 1000 metres of altitude.

Battery: How far can the Mondraker Neat go with 360 watt hours?

Like all bikes with a TQ motor, the new Mondraker Neat is powered by a 360 Wh TQ battery. The battery is located in the down tube and can be removed via a flap on the bottom bracket. How far can you get with this battery before range anxiety creeps in? The answer depends, of course, on the terrain, the selected assistance level and the riding style or weight of the rider. But as a general rule you can say: the range is limited. Or to put it in another way: The system requires more input from the rider than classic full power e-bikes in order to have the same range. In undulating terrain, the battery charge was sufficient for about 40 kilometres and 1,000 metres of altitude with a steady ride in turbo mode and a rider weight of 75 kilos.
TQ App for motor adjustment
The intuitive TQ app allows you to adjust each support level of the motor individually. Our tip: Throttle the Eco mode to the maximum in order to have a power-saving mode.

How to increase the range of the Mondraker Neat

A tip for frequent riders: Via the TQ app, each support level can be individually adjusted. If you radically reduce the power in the lightest support level, you create a “power-saving mode” and thus increase the range of the bike. If you generally want more, you can opt for the range extender. For about 500 euros, you get an extra of 160 watt hours. The special feature of the new Mondraker Neat is that, despite the range extender, there is still room for a drinks bottle in the frame. To make this possible, Mondraker has adapted its proven zero-suspension rear construction.
TQ Display in the Mondraker Neat
The display not only shows the current battery status, but is above all well protected and integrated into the top tube. So the risk of destroying it in a fall is relatively low.

All standards on the Mondraker Neat

  • Engine: TQ HPR 50
  • Battery: 360 watt hours (option on 160 WH range extender)
  • Frame weight: 2.3 kg (without damper, motor, battery)
  • Wheel size: 29 inch
  • Rear wheel installation dimension: 12×148
  • Seat post: 31.6 mm
  • Cable routing:through the head set
  • Bottle holder: Space for two bottles
  • Special feature: Steering limiter
  • Shift hanger: UDH (SRAM Eagle Transmisson compatible)

The Mondraker Neat comes with a new zero-suspension rear triangle design

Unlike well-known manufacturers such as Cube or Canyon, who rely on a conventional 4-link system for the rear triangle, Mondraker has always had its own patented zero-suspension rear triangle. Compared to all other Mondraker bikes, however, one thing is striking about the Neat: the shock no longer stands upright, but now lies almost inside the frame. This not only creates space (e.g. for two water bottles or a range extender and a bottle), but also pulls the entire centre of gravity of the bike down. Otherwise, the rear triangle system remains unchanged. The shock is still floating and the rear frame triangle does not need a joint. In combination with the short bellcranks, the construction is particularly stiff.
Unlike all Mondraker bikes, the rear shock sits low in the frame. Compared to the upright design, the centre of gravity is lower and there is more space in the frame for a second bottle cage.
The closed frame triangle is particularly stiff. It is also perfectly covered with rubber protectors ex works. So the chain doesn’t rattle on the descent.

This is how the new Mondraker Neat rides on the trail

. One should not exaggerate in test reports, but the bike literally sticks to the ground at high speed. This is because the rear triangle works sensitively. On the other hand, it always keeps a few reserves when things get rowdy. The fact that there is 10 mm less travel at the rear than at the front is not noticeable on the trail. And this, despite the fact that the 36 mm fork at the front also does an excellent job. The Neat leaves nothing to be desired in terms of suspension.
The development goal of creating an EMTB with a natural riding feel has definitely been achieved.
With the Fast-Forward geometry, the Spaniards made their mark on the market more than 10 years ago. Here, too, the reach – typical for Mondraker – is very long at 450 mm for frame size M. The steering angle of 64.5° remains within the usual range. However, the relatively long rear triangle is striking. At 450 mm, the chainstays are significantly longer than those of many competitors. This underlines the smooth ride downhill. And when the going gets really steep, the front wheel stays on the ground for a long time thanks to the long rear triangle. The downside: Despite the low weight, the bike requires an active riding style, especially on winding trails due to the long wheelbase. Sporty riders love this character. Beginners will have to get used to it.
The long chainstays keep the front wheel on the ground even on steep climbs.
The SRAM Eagle Transmission shifts the gears even under full load. The SRAM Level 4 piston brakes decelerate, but are no anchors. To say that the Mondraker Neat is no fun on the trail would simply be a lie. Especially compared to full power EMTBs. The handling of this bike reaches new horizons, mainly due to its low weight.

All current Mondraker Neat models at a glance incl. prices and availability:

The bike is available in three versions from 8,000 euros. There will not be an aluminium version. The top model, which we have here, costs 12,000 euros. The prices are high, but often still lower than the competition. Unlike all other media, our innovative and objective test system allows us to provide you with information on the complete model family. Here you can find out about the right Mondraker Neat for your budget. A general guide on the subject of light EMTBs can be found here.

All current Mondraker Neat models at a glance

Summary of the Mondraker Neat

The bike is quiet, the bike is light and the bike has a natural feel. In conclusion, Mondraker really hits the nerve of the light EMTB trend with the new Neat. The chic design and excellent rear triangle are the icing on the cake of Mondraker’s first light EMTB. For all those who are considering replacing their classic enduro without a motor with an e-bike, this bike could be a huge temptation.

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How well does the new light EMTB?
Mondraker Neat Review

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