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The best EMTB 2024

There are more EMTBs on the market than ever before. We have scrutinized the 160 mm class and not only found the 6 most thrilling all-mountain EMTBs for you, but we’ve also put them to the test. These e-all mountains are the ones to watch in 2024.

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Some call these bikes E-Enduro, while others stick with the term All Mountain EMTB. What’s more important than the nomenclature, though, is having a consistent benchmark, and that’s why all the bikes featured in this article come with 160 mm of travel in the fork. This specification ensures they’re capable of tackling even the gnarliest trails at the Enduro World Series in Finale Ligure. If a manufacturer is aiming for it, they can also make an EMTB with 160 mm of travel incredibly light.

The 36-series forks from Fox or the Lyrik forks from Rock Shox paired with lightweight carbon frames provide the perfect foundation. With compact Light EMTB motors and comparatively small batteries, it’s possible to achieve weights under 18 kilograms. Full-Power EMTBs will break through the 20-kilogram barrier for this class of travel in 2024 for the first time. But when selecting the best bikes of 2024, we didn’t just focus on weight—we also included those that offer a somewhat reasonable price. This table of EMTBs with 160 mm of travel that we’ve recently tested clearly shows that weight predominantly depends on battery size, and only secondarily on price.

Specialized S-Works Epic Specialized Turbo 1.2 SL 320 Wh 17,6 Kilo 14.000 €
Mondraker Neat TQ HPR50 360 Wh 17,9 Kilo 11.999 €
Orbea Rise Shimano EP801 RS 630 Wh 19,7 Kilo 11.199 €
Santa Cruz Heckler Shimano EP801 720 Wh 22,4 Kilo 10.999 €
Santa Cruz Heckler SL Fazua Ride 60 430 Wh 19,3 Kilo 9.999 €
Cannondale Moterra SL Shimano EP801 604 Wh 19,9 Kilo 9.999 €
Mondraker Crusher Shimano EP801 RS 720 Wh 23,55 Kilo 9.499 €
Norco Sight VLT Shimano EP801 RS 900 Wh 27,1 Kilo 6.999 €
Cube Stereo Hybrid One55 Bosch CX 725 Wh 23 Kilo 6.999 €
Focus Jam² SL Fazua Ride 60 430 Wh 19,7 Kilo 6.899 €
lightest Enduro E-MTB
We've put quite a few 160mm travel test E-MTBs on our scales. The trend towards lighter weight is crystal clear. For the first time in 2023, full-power E-MTBs are breaking the 20-kilo barrier.

Sound, Battery Concepts & Prices
The headache of E-MTBs even in 2024

Even as EMTBs in 2024 ride better than ever and the progress is undeniable, we must, at this juncture, point out the industry’s sore spots. We’ve ridden over 20 different EMTBs to make the selections for this article. And it becomes obvious quite quickly that there are primarily three areas that are crying out for improvement.

  • Sound: The rattling noise of most engines on the trail is annoying.
  • Battery Concept: Fixed batteries might be okay for some riders, but they're definitely not the gold standard.
  • Prices: High-end is awesome, but we need more good and, above all, affordable bikes.

Topic Engine Rattle on the Trails: In our view, it is not acceptable for Shimano and Bosch, the largest motor manufacturers, to more or less accept a loud rattling noise from their units on the descent. TQ and Specialized have shown with their motors that modern e-MTB engines can not only be very quiet under load, but can also glide over the trail in absolute silence on the descent. This must be the benchmark. Shimano and Bosch urgently need to step up their game in this area.

More and more e-MTB manufacturers are also opting for an integrated battery. This significantly reduces the complexity in frame design. Thus, bikes with an integrated battery become not only lighter and stiffer but also cheaper in manufacturing and design. However, bikes like the Mondraker Neva or the Canyon Spectral:ON CF demonstrate that there is another feasible solution. Both models allow for battery removal through a small opening in the bottom bracket area. This combines the best of both worlds. As a result, the bikes remain light and stiff, and you’re not completely dictated to by the manufacturer’s battery strategy. The fact that one or two screws have to be loosened is not a problem at all for the option to swap the battery. The ‘take it or leave it’ battery solution, on the other hand, is.

Battery Concept E-MTB
For us, the king's route when it comes to battery concerns: Some models such as the Mondraker Neat or the Canyon Spectral:ON CF enable battery removal through a small opening in the bottom bracket area.
Other manufacturers, such as Conway, work with a large cutout in the downtube. While this design allows for a very quick battery swap, it compromises the frame's stiffness and significantly increases the complexity of the construction.

In conclusion, one cannot ignore the current price points when discussing such a broad test. We appreciate the technical advancements set by the flagship models. However, we’ve also noticed that many manufacturers are completely overlooking the “bread and butter” class of eMTBs. There needs to be more attractive eMTBs in the price range of €5000 and below. Canyon has recently proven that this is possible with its new Neuron:ON fly . And two bikes from this selection show that a decent eMTB doesn’t necessarily have to cost €10,000 or more.

The Best EMTBs of 2024

Queen of Reason
Focus Jam² SL 8.8

Focus Jam² SL
The Focus Jam² SL 8.8 - 19.7 kg - Fazua motor - €6,899

Within the light E-MTB segment, many manufacturers are veering into absolutely elite pricing territories. FOCUS remains grounded, and their engineers and product managers know exactly what they’re doing.

They’ve strategically trimmed the bike in the right areas to nail that unique triad of 160 mm of travel, a sub-20 kg weight, and an attractive price point. There are more capable descenders out there, but with quality tires and, most importantly, powerful brakes, the Jam² SL doesn’t have to back down even on alpine trails. The Focus Jam² SL is a solid touring rig for sporty riders with a particular fondness for trails. The Fazua Ride 60 motor really speaks to sport-oriented riders. The battery, which can be removed and installed without tools, is a key purchasing factor for many e-bikers.

Best All-Mountain E-MTB 2024
During the test, it became clear: The Focus Jam² SL is not a merciless speed demon, but rather a lightweight, sensible touring bike designed for use in challenging terrain.
Battery Removal Focus Jam² SL
The battery of the Focus Jam² SL can be effortlessly removed downwards from the downtube with a simple hand movement. Prerequisite: The cover must first be unlocked with a quarter turn of a 6mm Allen bolt.

All Focus Jam² SL Models at a Glance

Budget Blaster
Cube Stereo Hybrid 155 SLX

Cube Stereo Hybrid 155 SLX
The Cube Stereo Hybrid 155 SLX - 23 kg - Bosch CX Motor - €6,999

The Cube Stereo Hybrid 155 far exceeded our expectations for an all-mountain e-bike. The seating position is comfortable and ideally suited for long rides. But what you really want to do with the Cube is hit the trails and rip it up. Fat tires, a robust braking system, and the superb Rock Shox suspension know no limits on the trail. The beefy 625 battery packs enough energy to last all day. Bosch’s CX motor delivers solid assistance even with low rider input.

The Cube glides over the trail with agility – both uphill and downhill. Even when the going gets tough, the bike provides control and safety. For 7,000 euros, Cube offers an e-bike that can do a darn lot and guarantees great riding fun with well-thought-out features. For this much fun on the ride, you’d have to reach much deeper into your pockets with other brands.

In-depth review of the Cube Stereo 150 Hybrid

Best Enduro E-MTB 2024
The Cube Stereo thrives on descents, but also handles uphill flow with ease. Thanks to an ultra-grippy rear tire and a powerful motor, the Stereo Hybrid One55 conquers even the nastiest climbs.
Bosch CX motor
Packs a powerful punch: The integrated Bosch CX motor takes the fear out of every climb. It propels you forward reliably, no matter how fast you're spinning the cranks.

Overview of All Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 Bikes

Sleek Style Icon
Specialized Turbo Levo SL

Lightest E-MTB 2024
The Specialized Turbo Levo SL S-Works – 17.6 kg – Specialized motor – €14,000

The $14,000 Specialized seduces its rider with a dangerously high level of riding fun. Dangerous because even a bike that pricey isn’t immune to wear and tear with proper usage.

The Levo SL S-Works craves speed yet remains playful. Pedaling is super responsive – with and without motor assistance. Descending, it feels almost like a classic enduro without a motor. After our test, we can clearly say: hats off to this impressive engineering feat.

With its own motor, proprietary wheels, unique sizing concept, and custom software, Specialized impressively demonstrates its expertise in crafting sporty e-MTBs. And the best part: all of this can also be found in the more affordable versions of the Levo SL. If you ignore the price, this bike is the best light-e-MTB you can currently buy.

In-Depth Review of the Specialized Turbo Levo SL

Specialized Turbo Levo SL
For a steep price tag come many guarantees. Specialized provides original owners with a lifetime warranty on the frame and offers it in 5 different frame sizes.
Specialized SL 1.2 Motor
The Specialized SL 1.2 motor is an in-house development by Specialized, with the hardware supplied by Mahle and Specialized mainly responsible for the software.

All Specialized Turbo Levo models at a glance

Spanish Thoroughbred
Mondraker Neat

Lightest E-Mountainbike
The Mondraker Neat - 17.99 kg - TQ HPR50 motor - €11,999

The bike is silent, the bike is light, and the bike provides a natural riding feel. Mondraker hits the nail on the head with the new Neat in the Light-EMTB trend.

The sleek design and the outstanding rear linkage are the icing on the cake for Mondraker’s first light EMTB. For those considering swapping their classic non-motorized enduro for an e-bike, this bike is a huge temptation. The battery can be removed from the down tube with little effort. And at 17.99 kilograms, it’s one of the lightest EMTBs you can get with 160 mm of travel.

In-Depth Review of the Mondraker Neat

TQ HPR 50 Motor
Nothing rattles, nothing buzzes, nothing judders. On the trail, the TQ motor behaves as inconspicuously as no other motor does.
TQ HPR 50 Motor
The TQ HPR 50 is currently the quietest and most natural-feeling e-MTB motor on the market, but with 300 watts, it also delivers less peak power than the competition.

All Mondraker Neat models at a glance

Full power, under 20 kilograms
Cannondale Moterra SL

Best Electric Mountain Bike 2024
The Cannondale Moterra SL - 19.9 kg - Shimano EP8 motor - €9,999

Cannondale is setting new benchmarks in the Full Power E-MTB segment with the Moterra SL, being the first manufacturer to achieve a weight of under 20 kilograms while delivering a full 85 Nm of torque. This feat is made possible by shaving weight from every component. Cannondale proves for the first time that opting for a powerful motor doesn’t need to be an obstacle for a lightweight E-MTB, challenging the rationale behind Light-E-MTBs – a true game-changer in the industry.

Priced at 9.999 €, the Moterra SL 1 is also significantly more affordable than many of its competitors. The only downside of this bike is its battery. It’s non-removable and doesn’t allow the use of a range extender. We cranked out approximately 1700 vertical meters on Boost mode before the battery was drained.

In-depth review of the Cannondale Moterra SL →

Magura MT 7 Brake
Full commitment to brake performance: At the rear, only a beefy 200mm rotor can be mounted. Nothing smaller will fit.
Cannondale Rear Suspension
With the ultra-low chainstays, Cannondale saves on a pivot point in the chainstay.

All Cannondale Moterra SL models at a glance

our Editors' Choice Bike
Orbea Rise LT

The Best Enduro E-MTB of 2024
Our Editor's Choice rig, the Orbea Rise LT – weighing in at 19.85 kg – is kitted with a Shimano EP801 RS motor – all for €11,199.

No other EMTB with 85 Nm of torque manages to combine 160 mm of travel with a 630 Wh battery at a weight of 19.85 kg. The additional option of the 210 watt-hour Range Extender makes long rides possible. Here, Orbea pulls off a real coup. With the performance data of the LT version, the SL version of the Rise with only 140 mm of travel and even less weight becomes almost redundant.

The geometry and detailed specifications, such as the thoughtful tire selection or the dropper post with 250 mm of travel, show that Orbea knows what really matters. And with that, Orbea has earned our Editor’s Choice Award. However, there remains a slight bitter pill with the top model: The Shimano Di2 shifting system, despite its neat features, did not fully convince us. The battery is permanently integrated into the downtube.

In-depth Review of the Orbea Rise LT

Orbea Rise LT Review
The suspension remains high in its travel even when railing through the berms, allowing for an active riding style on the bike.
Shimano EP8 RS Motor
Shimano delivers the hardware with its EP8 motor. The software for the motor and the battery management is provided by Orbea. Such a combination is unique in the market.

All Orbea Rise Models at a Glance

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