Cube reveals first Light E-MTB
Cube AMS Hybrid One44

Europe’s largest bike manufacturer has kept its fans on tenterhooks for a long time. Now, Cube reveals its first Light-EMTB, the AMS Hybrid One 44. But just how light is it, and what were the key considerations in its design?

Cube AMS Hybrid One 500
What Can Cube's First Light-EMTB Offer?

While new light eMTBs have been successively unveiled in the electric mountain biking scene, industry heavyweight Cube has remained relatively reserved on this front. The Bavarian powerhouse left the pioneering of the light eMTB segment to its competitors, carefully analyzing the market before pushing their own contender to the starting line. Was this extended period of reconnaissance worth it in terms of the final product?

Cube Lite E-Bike
Cube has waited a long time before taking the plunge and bringing the AMS Hybrid One44 into the public eye.

Quick Facts about the Cube AMS Hybrid One 44

  • Travel: 140 mm (rear & front) / TM models even boast 150 mm up front
  • Prices: 4 models from €5999 to €8999
  • Weights: 18.4 to 16.2 kg
  • Motor: Bosch SX (55 Nm)
  • Battery: 400 Wh (integrated – optional range extender available)
  • Feature: Relatively lightweight at an attractive price.

Cube Stays True to Its Roots

One thing becomes immediately apparent when you look at the pricing – Cube stays clear of the astronomical prices seen among many other manufacturers lately. At €8999, the top-tier model isn’t exactly a bargain, but it’s still affordable compared to the competition.

Even more surprising than the price of the top model is the fact that the SLX model, the most budget-friendly in the lineup, tips the scales at just 17.3 kilograms for €5999. And the AMS Hybrid One44 SLT, priced at €7999, weighs in at 16.2 kilograms according to the manufacturer, well below the crucial 17-kilogram threshold that many manufacturers struggle with even in the five-figure price range.

Cube AMS Hybrid ONE 625 C:68X SLX
Already the Cube AMS Hybrid ONE 144 C:68X SLX at €5999 stays below the magical 18-kilogram threshold.
Cube AMS Hybrid ONE 44 C:68X TM
The Cube AMS Hybrid ONE 144 C:68X TM comes equipped with chunky tires and a 36mm fork, making it much more trail-focused, though it also tips the scales at over 18 kg for €6499.
Cube AMS Hybrid ONE 140 C:68X SLT
For €7999 you get the Cube AMS Hybrid ONE 144 C:68X SLT, tipping the scales at a featherweight 16.2 kg.
Cube AMS Hybrid ONE 140 HPC TM
The Cube AMS Hybrid ONE 144 C:68X SUPER TM is Cube's flagship model at €8999 and weighs in at 17.7 kilograms.

4 Models – 2 Disciplines

Such impressive weights for the SLX and SLT models are made possible through a consistent focus on long-distance touring. Equipped with a Fox 34 fork and rolling on Schwalbe Nobby Nic or Wicked Will tires, Cube fully commits these two models to lightweight construction, putting downhill performance in the back seat.

In stark contrast are the TM and the Super TM models, each rocking a burly Fox 36 fork and beefy rubber on the rims to prioritize trail fun. But the downhill thrill comes with a weight penalty. Tipping the scales at 18.4 and 17.7 kilograms for the top model, it’s evident that even Europe’s biggest bike manufacturer can’t work miracles when it comes to crafting bikes that excel on descents.

Cube Lite E-MTB
Unlike the Cube Stereo Hybrid series, the shock is arranged horizontally.
Internal Cable Routing Cube AMS Hybrid
The cable routing for the gears, brakes, and dropper post is stylishly integrated through the headset.
Battery Removal Cube Stereo Hybrid
The closed downtube lacks an opening for quick battery removal—a trade-off required for lightweight construction.

AMS Hybrid One 44 Frame – Lightness is King

The impressive overall weight of the new Cube AMS Hybrid One 44 is primarily due to the lightweight frame. The manufacturer states that the carbon chassis, available exclusively in Cube’s highest-quality C 68X carbon fiber, tips the scales at 2100 grams without the shock. That’s a benchmark that many analog bikes fail to hit.

While many manufacturers opt for a Flex Pivot bearing to save weight, Cube remains committed to its four-bar linkage design and does not cut corners at the chainstay pivot point. This demonstrates a refusal to compromise on functionality even in the pursuit of lighter builds.

However, the commitment isn’t without its trade-offs. At least when it comes to recharging the battery, a minor concession is necessary, as the battery is integrated and non-removable. On the bright side, there’s the option to significantly boost the 400 Wh power pack with a 250 Wh Range Extender. Speaking of options: The head tube allows for a slight adjustment of the geometry.

Bosch SX motor
The Bosch SX motor is on the larger side for a lightweight motor, but it delivers an impressive peak power of 600 watts.

The Powerhouse - Bosch SX Motor

Like with all its EMTBs, Cube continues to count on a Bosch motor for the new AMS Hybrid series. However, for the first time, a unit from the SX series is being implemented. This motor is significantly lighter at 2 kilograms than the famed Bosch CX Performance but only delivers 55 Nm of torque. For comparison: the major Bosch CX provides a substantially higher push with 85 Newton meters of torque.

With this torque output, the Swabians from Bosch have strategically positioned their Light motor right in the middle between the two Bavarian motors from Fazua and TQ, delivering 60 and 50 Nm of torque respectively and currently dominating the Light-EMTB market.

Bosch Control Center
The communication with the Bosch system is solely through the LED colors of the control center embedded in the top tube.
Display Bosch SX
Out of the box, Cube bikes come without a display. Riding and motor data can be mirrored to a GPS speedometer.

Unlike its Bavarian rivals, the Bosch SX is not willing to concede in terms of performance. Until now, the Fazua Ride 60 motor with a peak power of up to 450 watts has been considered the most powerful light-E-MTB motor. Bosch is looking to coax up to 600 watts of power from its SX motor in the short term and is not willing to compromise on the thrill of the ride on the trail.

The price for this lightweight powerhouse from Swabia is its aesthetics. Fazua and TQ achieve a much more subtle visual integration of the motor. As with many light-E-MTBs, the Cube AMS Hybrid One44 series comes without a display as standard. However, motor and battery data can be displayed on a GPS bike computer.

Focus Jam² SL
A fierce competitor: The Focus Jam² SL with Fazua Ride 60 motor.
Scott Lumen
The Scott Lumen, with its tour-oriented design, is a model that should be on your radar in this market segment.
Specialized Turbo Levo SL
The Specialized Turbo Levo SL is decisively more downhill-focused and impressively demonstrates the current potential in lightweight construction and riding dynamics.

Cube AMS Hybrid One44 competition models

Cube is known for its aggressive pricing policy and doesn’t hold back with its latest AMS Hybrid models either. When considering price and weight, it’s evident that even bikes like the recently introduced Focus VAM² SL or the Trek Fuel EXE have a hard time matching the Bavarians in this arena. However, both models impress with a much more subtle motor and a more natural aesthetic. The direct comparison of the models unveils arguments for each concept. Ultimately, the rider has the freedom of choice. For those interested in the latest technical capabilities, take a look at Specialized’s Turbo Levo SL, which we’ve even featured in a video.

Cube AMS Hybrid One 44 Conclusion
Where does Cube's first lightweight e-MTB fit in?

Conclusion on the Cube AMS Hybrid One 44

The AMS Hybrid One 44 makes a solid first impression, particularly with its combination of attractive pricing, low weight, and abundant motor power luring riders. This trifecta is likely to resonate with many e-MTB enthusiasts, and we’re eagerly anticipating the first real-world test of the bike.

All Cube AMS Hybrid One 44 Models at a Glance

As always, we provide not just an overview of all models but also the option to compare individual models directly against each other. By clicking the arrow icon on the widgets below, you can align specs and geometry data from a variety of models. You can find all competitor models for comparison in our extensive E-MTB market overview, which can be perfectly sorted with handy filters.

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